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Got an inbox overstuffed with GitHub emails or sitting in 12 different Slack channels just so you know what's going on in engineering? Use Hecate dispatch to get smart, configurable notifications including daily rollups.

Hecate Dispatch

A GitHub app to tame the firehose of activity your development team generates with smart, configurable rules-based release notifications. First and foremost designed to keep busy engineering managers up to date with their teams but also great for streamlined stakeholder communications.

  • Beautiful Emails

    Every time a developer merges code on a repository connected to Hecate Dispatch we send a nicely formatted informative email to the address or addresses of everyone who needs to know about it.

    Too busy for immediate updates? Turn on the daily summary and get a snapshot email every morning with everything you need to know.

  • Config as Code

    Notification routing is highly customisable, all configuration is managed via yaml in a repo under your control.

    All you need is a hecate.yml file in the root of a repository you grant us access to. Use our reference config to get started quickly.

  • GitHub Integration

    Works flawlessly with GitHub, engineers do work where they like and we handle the rest.

    Shipping News is set up to require minimal access to your GitHub organisation and we never access your source code.

  • Slack Integration

    Connect your slack workspace to keep other teams in the loop with what's been released.

    Lets you keep your stakeholder and developer channels separate so nothing gets missed.

The Benefits

  • Start your day informed

    Every day just after 8am in your time zone we send you a summary of everything that shipped the day before (except on weekends). Like reading the news, but for your team.

  • Executable comms plans

    Just as we've learned through infrastructure as code - any document that doesn't execute eventually lies. Capture your comms pathways in code with Dispatch rulesets.

  • Clean up your inbox

    Filter out your GitHub emails, leaving the day-to-day of the code to your team, while still keeping an active eye on things.

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Get Started

One simple flat price of $19 per month for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Hecate is committed to being here for the long haul, and that means sustainable pricing that works for you and us.

Don't worry though, there's a Seven day free trial to find out if Hecate Dispatch is right for your team.

Just install the app here or learn more in our FAQ.

per org per month
  • Daily summaries & instant notifications
  • Email & Slack integration
  • Fine-grained control