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The most productive engineering teams use feedback to deliver better software. Shape your team's code review process and culture using insights from Hecate.

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  • For engineers leading engineers

    Tech teams are run better by people who understand the work. The challenge is in keeping up with the team once you've let go of the code.

  • Go where the work is

    Everything you need to know is in GitHub but just reading all the notifications a high performing team can generate is a full time job.

  • Get some leverage

    Reclaim your inbox and your day by using Hecate to get all the insight you need to run your team effectively and efficiently.

Our products

At Hecate we offer a suite of products that help technical leaders do their jobs better and easier.

So much of the engineering manager's role is irreducable, but Hecate gives you leverage where you need it. We've designed our products based on years of experience managing high performance engineering teams and are adding new features all the time.


per month
  • Daily summaries & instant notifications
  • Email & Slack integration
  • Single team Heartbeat analytics
per month
  • Everything in Startup
  • Multiple team Heartbeat with nesting
  • Advanced reporting
per month
  • Everything in Growth & Startup
  • Proactive account management & coaching
  • Custom legals, security & invoicing

But how do I say it?

Hecate is named after the Greek goddess of crossroads and witchcraft. There are a couple of popular pronunciations but we've gone with heh‐KAH‐tee as it runs pretty close to the original. Honestly though, as long as you're talking about us, say it how you like.

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