Release notifications
for everyone on the team

Tame the firehose of activity your development team generates with smart, configurable rules-based release notifications. Keep everyone on the same page with the minimum of fuss.

Awesome Features

  • Are you a tech lead or product manager who needs to know what's going on in the engineering team but struggling with the firehose of activity?
  • Have you ever emerged from hours of back-to-back meetings and thought "R.I.P. my inbox" immediately archiving all those unread GitHub emails?
  • Are you sitting in thirty different slack channels just so you can see which teams have shipped something that effects your team?
  • Do you spend a lot of time pinging stakeholders with messages like "Hey, we made a change to that system you care about"?
Hecate Shipping News is the GitHub app for you!
  • Beautiful Emails

    Every time a developer merges code on a repository connected to Hecate Shipping News we send a nicely formatted informative email to the address or addresses of everyone who needs to know about it.

    Too busy for immediate updates? Turn on the daily summary and get a snapshot email every morning with everything you need to know.

    Notification routing is highly customisable, making it easy to keep either your clients or internal teams in the loop as your engineers keep releasing updates.

  • Public Beta

    Hecate's Shipping News is in public beta and under heavy development. The product is improving nearly every day. Features coming soon include Basecamp and Slack integrations and more.

  • GitHub Integration

    Works flawlessly with GitHub, engineers do work where they like and we handle the rest.

    Shipping News is set up to require minimal access to your GitHub organisation and we never access your source code.

  • Config as Code

    All configuration is managed via yaml in a repo under your control.

    All you need is a hecate.yml file in the root of a repository you grant us access to. Use our reference config to get started quickly.


One simple flat price of $10 per month for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Hecate is committed to being here for the long haul, and that means sustainable pricing that works for you and us.

Don't worry though, there's a Seven day free trial to find out if Hecate Shipping News is right for your team.

Just install the app on GitHub here.

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