Tracking code quality
subjectively over time

Don't manage your team using vanity metrics like velocity or lines of code. Measure your team's progress against the yardstick that matters most — your informed opinion.

Track Outcome & Process

Any time you visit one of your team's pull requests use the Heartbeat Chrome extension to rate the work, both for the quality of the outcome and the process.

By capturing the nuances of individual and team performance over time you can better coach your team to improved outcomes. Don't let recency bias or the squeeky wheel syndrome cloud your thinking.

Prepare for your next retro or 1:1 by examining trends over any time period.

Org Chart as Code

Modern software teams often suffer a mismatch between the org chart and the repository boundaries. Scope your reporting to match your specific spheres of responsibility.

All of Heartbeat's reporting takes team configuration into account, separating work into four buckets: home games, away games, guest appearances, and everything else. Given your finite time and attention these buckets help you better focus your efforts.

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We're shipping new features faster than we can keep the marketing site up to date. If you're curious about how to use Heartbeat to coach your engineering team to higher performance get in contact for a chat. Don't forget to check out our amazing tech/management/nautical-history email newsletter.